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If you like adventure and you want to explore the island of Gran Canaria in a different way, this is your excursion. Take a tour in a Cabrio-Jeep for 6 people. Discover the impressive ravines of the south of Gran Canaria known as Gran Canaria’s Grand Canyon and delight with its wonderful views, the Arguineguín Ravine, the Chira dam and the village of Tunte where we´ll stop to taste the typical Canarian cuisine and relax for a while. We continue the tour visiting the Valley of the Thousand Palms, Fataga, one of the most picturesque villages of the island and finally return to the tourist areas.

  • Departure days: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  • Lasting: 5 hours
  • Localization: Gran Canaria
  • Lunch: Lunch included.
  • Accessibility: For further information see the FAQs section, or click here
  • Tickets: Unneeded.
  • Dresscode: Suitable clothing and footwear according to season. In winter a sweater or light jacket is recommended.
  • Pickups: This tour has pick up points in the following tourist areas of Gran Canaria and approximately in between:
    • 08:15-08:30 hours: from Puerto de Mogán** to Taurito
    • 08:15-08:30 hours: from Playa del Cura to Tauro
    • 08:30:08:45 hours: from Playa de Amadores to Puerto Rico
    • 08:45-09:00 hours: from Balito Beach / Anfi to Arguineguin
    • 08:45-09:00 hours: from Sonnenland y Meloneras to Campo de Golf
    • 08:45-09:00 hours: from Playa del Inglés to San Agustín and Bahía Feliz
  • NOTA: **transport supplement  from Mogán 

Prices per person

  • adult – 50,- Eur
  • child (2 – 11 y/o) – 30,- Eur
  • child (<2 y/o) – not available
  • suplement for camel safari – 8,- Eur
  • transprt suplement – 3,- Eur

What you can see

We gives you the chance to get out of the routine with a Jeep tour during which you can enjoy our wonderful weather in an open car, even in winter. An exclusive way to discover our flora and fauna while you sight the beautiful landscapes of the south of Gran Canaria in a 6-seater Jeep, with qualified and experienced drivers.

Gran Canaria excursions
Gran Canaria excursions

Get the scout inside and put the road on the mountain. An open Jeep excursion during which you will enjoy the adventure of discovering Gran Canaria in a different and fun way. Our itinerary begins, once all aboard, in Playa del Inglés where we head to the area of Lomos de Pedro, rolling  basically on asphalt roads to quickly make this trip an unforgettable adventure. We continue on winding roads from where we´ll enjoy breathtaking views of Gran Canaria’s Grand Canyon, as well as the highest peak of the Arguineguín Ravine. The fun is more than guaranteed throughout the entire tour and with numerous surprises to the end.

Gran Canaria excursions
Gran Canaria excursions

The asphalt gives way to a road of dirt and stone until reaching a prominent, recognized and important point of the Canarian history: the dam of Chira, main source of water supply in the twentieth century in the Canary Islands, where we´ll have a photo stop before moving to  the highest peak of our travel, Tunte.As we drive up you´ll begin to understand why Gran Canaria is known as “the Miniature continent”, because of its great changes not only in its landscape but also in its climate. Surrounded by Cercado de Araña, a charming village of the island teaches us a great mass of forest of the most emblematic and important tree of the island, the Canary Pine. It touches the strength to follow the adventure, and what better way to do it than by tasting the Canarian cuisine and at the same time enjoy spectacular views of the village of Tunte.

Gran Canaria excursions
Gran Canaria excursions

As a golden brooch of an unforgettable day, we´ll arrive to Fataga, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages of the Canary Islands, and even of Spain, also known as “The Valley of the Thousand palm trees” and aspires to be recognized shortly, for its great beauty and care of its environment , as a World heritage site. This is the last stop of our excursion and an unsurpassed way to finish such a special tour full of emotions before returning to the hotel.

Gran Canaria excursions
Gran Canaria excursions
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