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Canary cheeses are known all over the world. Anyone who has had the opportunity to taste them will definitely confirm that they are very good. This is evidenced by the very fact that Canarian cheeses regularly win the highest awards at various international competitions.

Queseria La Gloria, Gran Canaria
View of Playa del Inglés.

Most quality cheeses in the Canary Islands are made according to old original recipes, which have been proven for years, and a traditional method of production in which human labor plays a major role.

In today’s article, I decided to introduce you to one of such traditional goat cheese production at the Quesería La Gloria goat farm. It is located above the turist center of San Augustín and a trip to it can be a nice liveliness for your holiday in Gran Canaria.

Queseria La Gloria, Gran Canaria
View of San Augustín

We are going on trip

If you are on holiday in southern resorts such as Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas, Meloneras, you have a unique chance to spend a nice morning. If you spend a holiday in San Augustín, it is even easier for you.

Queseria La Gloria, Gran Canaria
If the ramp is raised, you can continue on your way. You will be welcome. I recommend coming to the farm between 9:00 and 13:00.

We start at roundabout near Centro Comercial San Augustín, which can be easily reached by bus lines 1, 25, 30 or 36. If you decide to travel by car, you can park it comfortably next to this shopping center.

The road continues from the roundabout towards the mountains to the Gloria Palace Hotel. At the crossroads below Gloria Palace, turn left and keep going up. When you cross by tunel the highway, do not be discouraged by the sign that it is private land.

Queseria La Gloria, Gran Canaria
The goats will look for you from a distance.

You will continue along a short way in the Barranco La Yegua ravine, finally you will climb a slope with small caves to the rocks above the ravine. During the walk, you will find yourself that it was really wiser to leave the car down in the parking. The road is not paved and is more suitable for off-road cars and you can not see from the car beautiful views to country.

Queseria La Gloria, Gran Canaria
The smiling José Miguel Ortega Suárez, the owner of the farm, will be happy to take you through the cheese factory. He takes care of the farm together with his wife. A total of 5 people work on the farm, so they have a lot to do.

If you don’t be tempted by a small detour, the path will take you directly to the cheese factory.

Cheese factory

The estate, which also includes a cheese factory, is the property of the county family Vega Grande. The land has been leased by the family of the current owner since 1951, when his parents started making goat cheese.

Queseria La Gloria, Gran Canaria
Handwork is the basis for the production of quality goat cheese.

From the beginning, the family has been producing exclusively goat cheese. Almost all production consists of semi-cured and cured cheeses. These are enriched with, for example, red pepper or gofiom.

Queseria La Gloria, Gran Canaria
Every piece of cheese passes through human hands many times during its production.

The cheese factory makes cheeses from fresh goat’s milk. 2,100 goats of the Cabra Majorera, knows as fuerteventura goat too, breed graze on the ground around the cheese factory. The cheese factory produces 87,000 kg of goat cheese a year from milked milk, with approx. 65,000 kg are semi-cured cheeses and 22,000 kg are cured cheeses.

Queseria La Gloria, Gran Canaria
Modern technology helps with milking.

During the visit, you will not only have the opportunity to taste and buy the cheeses, but, if time and conditions allow, you will also have the opportunity to see the cheese production itself and walk through the pastures among the goats.

Queseria La Gloria, Gran Canaria
Cheeses from Queseria La Gloria receive many awards every year, both at home and abroad.

My advices

The trip itself, including a visit to the cheese factory, will take you about 2.5 hours. So you can take it after breakfast and you will also can go to swim in the ocean.

Queseria La Gloria, Gran Canaria
The herd of goats moves freely on the land around the cheese factory. As you approach them, they will look at you curiously and eventually decide to leave.

The elevation gain on the route is approx. 200 meters, so every average person can handle the road without any problems.

Don’t be deterred by a sign at the end of the tunnel under the highway or a no-entry ramp. If the ramp is raised, you are welcome.

Queseria La Gloria, Gran Canaria
There are also many small goats in the herd, which are still mostly with their mother.

But be sure not to take your dog with you on the trip. There are shepherd dogs around the farm, even one snug domesticated wolf, moving freely, so you would only have problems with it.

I wish you a nice trip.

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Queseria La Gloria, Gran Canaria
Queseria La Gloria, Gran Canaria (map: Google)
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