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Cuevas de La Audiencia are located on the right side of the state road from Agüimes to Temisas in a mountain called Risco Pintado. It is an exceptional archeological site, consisting of a system of caves carved into volcanic tuff.

Originally, the entrance to the complex was possible by a steep staircase carved into the rock. Over time, due to erosion, the original entrance was flooded. Today, access is convenient through a carved tunnel.

Food storage

The main cave, into which the tunnel opens, has dimensions of approximately 6 x 12 meters. In the middle it has a column that forms a whole with the ceiling and floor. There is also a granary that was used to store food. The fact that this complex was probably used mainly for storage is evidenced by the fact that on the right side of the cave there is a warehouse with seven other granaries.

Cuevas de La Audiencia - Temnisas
Cuevas de La Audiencia

To the left of the central cave is another cave with 19 granaries, many of which were dug into the ground. Access to this cave is possible through a narrow passage.

According to archaeologists, the complex was used in the period from XII. to XV. century.

How to get there

If you decide to go by car, you must park at the beginning of the turnoff to the village of La Inmaculada. On the left side there is a small parking.

If you decide to take the bus, which I recommend, you must first get to Vecindario (buses 1, 25 and 90 from Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés). There, at the stop at the Atlántico shopping center (Carrefour), change to bus number 34, which will take you directly to the already mentioned turnoff to the village of La Inmaculada.

Cuevas de La Audiencia - Temnisas
Here, leave the state road and take the footpath to the mountains.

From the stop, head back and after a few meters you will find a tourist sign that will lead you to the footpath to Agüimes towards the mountains. Follow this trail for about 15 minutes to the next tourist sign, indicating directions for Agüimes and Temisas. However, you will follow the unmarked road to the right. The path is a bit intuitive here, as it is not marked. However, if you stick to the typical Spanish stone dolls, you should not get lost.

More tips

After the tour of the caves, you must return to the last crossroads. If you take a bus, I recommend taking the marked road towards Agüimes. The journey to the city takes about 3 hours and leads through gorges and mountains, from which you have a beautiful view. This path will take you along the Tobas de Colores gorge, which will definitely be an unforgettable experience for you.

Tobas de Colores
Tobas de Colores

From Agüimes you can return by bus 22 to the Cruce de Arinaga and from there by any of the buses 1, 25 or 36 to Maspalomas. As this line has an hour interval, you can make the wait more pleasant with a tour of the city, whose interesting historical center is located near the bus station.

If you have come by car or want to return by bus but do not want to walk much, then after returning from a walk, be sure to visit the village of Temisas. On the state road, the walk will take you about 7-8 minutes. The village is known for growing olives from which to this day the village produces olive oil in the traditional way, including manual harvesting.

Cuevas de La Audiencia - Temisas

The departure of bus 34 from Vecindario is at 12:02. In La Inmaculada you will be approximately 12:45. The bus goes back to Vecindario at 14:59 or 14:58 from Temisas. This time will definitely be enough for a tour of the caves and the village of Temisas. Departures are valid on the day of publication of the article, but it is true that the years have not changed. And if you are waiting for the bus in Temisas, don’t forget to put leche y leche at the bar at the stop.

In the gallery you will find photos not only from the caves but also views of the surroundings as well as images from the village of Temisas.

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